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So how does it work?

1. Order SmartHOP boxes from the comfort of your home or office

Simply choose everything you need from the Order section, where you can select a number of SmartHOP boxes according to your needs, in various time periods and add all SmartHOP accessories that you will need for your successful relocation. You choose the exact date on which you plan your move and wait until our SmartHOP driver brings the entire order directly to your door.

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If your apartment is located on the upper floors of a residential building with no elevator, let us know about this fact when placing the order. Our driver will deliver the entire order to your doorstep. We strive to make your move easy!

2. We bring the boxes to your doorstep

After confirmation from our side the whole order will be delivered to your address in the date and time you've chosen. Our driver will contact you in advance and tell you the exact time of arrival.

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Our driver unloads the whole order and delivers it directly arranged place (home or office) - just tell him exactly where you want it delivered. He also shows you how to use the SmartHOP boxes and other products and give you tips for efficient packing.

3. Pack everything you need in the SmartHOP boxes

After delivery of all products to your address, it is your turn. Fill each box SmartHOP with your things, close the lid, mark it and place it one the side. Repeat this process until you have created a column of four to five boxes on top of each other. Then start with creating a new column and repeat the process for all SmartHOP boxes.

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All received SmartHOP products including all accessories are for you to use for the whole selected period. It's up to you whether you pack during the day or you can't sleep and you pack during the night hours.

4. Move everything yourself or use help from the moving company

After packing of all the necessities in SmartHOP boxes, move the boxes to your car or moving van and relocate them to the new place. (TIP for residents: when you move to a new location, we recommend that you first unpack boxes for bedroom, to enjoy the first night in the new one)

5. We pick 'em up

Once you have all your stuff moved and unpacked, we pickup our products at your new address. Again we will carry everything from your home/office to our van. Your job is only to put SmartHOP boxes together and (optionally) tell us, if any of the boxes got damaged. If you have your things unpacked before the agreed date, and you no longer need the boxes, just us contact and we'll pick up all the products in the shortest possible time. You don't need to care about anything else...

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