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Frequently Asked Questions

1) What products and services can SmartHOP offer?

SmartHOP rents and delivers plastic moving boxes (SmartHOP boxes) for households and companies in and around Prague. You can also rent or buy from us other moving accessories like dollies, moving straps, bubble wraps and others. For complete list of our products click on order button

After submitting your request on the website, we will deliver all ordered SmartHOP boxes and other accessories to your doorstep.

After you have moved in and unpacked at the new location, we will come back to you and pick up all the rented SmartHOP products.

This way you simplify the process moving, and you'll save not only your money and nerves when looking for moving boxes, but also help nature. SmartHOP boxes are reusable. They do not end up in the trash after one use, as opposed to traditional cardboard boxes.

2) Why don't I just get cardboard boxes somewhere for free?

Of course you can, but ask yourself the question: "Is it worth the energy and time"? Moving itself is very time-consuming and mentally demanding. At this time you think mainly about things you have to pakc and you will leave behind and how to relocate everything as efficiently as possible. Collecting cardboard boxes is not as simple task as it might seem. Either you walk around supermarkets and ask for used boxes which are to be thrown away or you can try your luck at paper dustbins. There you might occassionally find one. In both cases the main problem is history of such box. You don't know, what else you are taking home together with this box. Do you really want to put your belongings in such box? Our SmartHOP boxes are handwashed and disinfected after each use. Avoid more stress with relocation than is absolutely necessary, and try moving in SmartHOP boxes. You won't regret it!

3) Isn't it expensive to use the SmartHOP boxes?

Definitely not! Below are a few examples that show you how much time and money you will save SmartHOP boxes:

a) SmartHOP boxes are much more robust than the cardboard box, so you will have the opportunity to pack more things without fear of ripping te box or tearing the bottom. Thus, you'll need fewer boxes for your move.

b) If you're like us, then your free time is very valuable for youtr and you appreciate every free minute. So why to spend it all hunting for and folding cardboard boxes? We'll deliver SmartHOP boxes when it is convenient to you (eve after working hours). You will save hours of your valuable free time.

c) Each SmartHOP box has a lockable lid, meaning that you will not have to spend extra money for a large amount of duct tape. Our SmartHOP boxes don't need it. Just close the lid and you're done. For more safety and security we supply zip ties with every SmartHOP box for its 100% securement, once you're done with packing.

d) SmartHOP boxes can be easily stacked on one to another and when moving they can be placed on a special dolly. You can easily transport your belongings. Whether you are moving on your own or have hired a moving company, this feature will make your life easier and shorten time to move. Moving companies are usually paid by the hour and SmartHOP boxes can significantly reduce the number of moving hours. Thus saving more money in your pocket.

4) What are the areas where you deliver SmartHOP boxes?

We offer delivery and pickup of SmartHOP boxes throughout the capital city of Prague. After individual agreement also in the surrounding areas. Here is a map of the area , where we can deliver our SmartHOP boxes. If you are outside of this areas, don't worry! Contact us and we will try to create a solution specifically for you.

5) For how long do I need to rent the SmartHOP boxes?

From our experience we see, that between 1 or 2 weeks rent is suitable for most customers. Two weeks provide enough time to pack, relocate and unpack all things. However, some movings are faster, while others can take longer than 14 days. Therefore, we have the possibility to rent from one to four weeks according to your needs. If you need the boxes longer than four weeks for various reasons,contact us and we will make an individual offer for your.

6) How much it costs to deliver/pickup the boxes?

Delivery as well as pickup is FREE of charge within Prague and it's surrounding areas. Checkout the map here.

7) Do you deliver every day, 24 hours a day?

We deliver every day of the week, from 10am to 10pm. When ordering online, you can choose the exact day and time slot for delivery as well as pickup, that suits you best.

8) Do I have to be home when you come?

Yes or a person aged 18 or over is necessary in order to accept and sign for the delivery / pickup.

9) Will you pack and move our stuff as well?

Unfortunately not, our company focuses on providing the SmartHOP boxes and other moving accessories. We can arrange for you a helper or provide you to rent a van for the move, so you can move yourself at the lowest possible cost. If you require services of a moving company, we can gladly recommend you one.

10) How do I pack fragile items from my kitchen? Plates, glasses?

We highly recommend to add to your order a packing paper and bubble wrap. Bubble Wrap is perfect to protect your fragile stuff like mirrors, paintings, electronic devices in all cases. We recommend to wrap your stuff in two layers.

11) How big are the SmartHOP boxes?

Our SmartHOP boxes are 60 cm long by 40 cm wide by 31.5 cm high and has approximately 3.2 cubic feet of storage. It can store 15 pairs of pants or 30-40 tees OR 12-15 pairs of shoes OR 15 sweater or 5 winter coats OR 49 books

12) What if I find out that I need more SmartHOP boxes?

Just call us at +420 775 075 375 and we will deliver more SmartHOP boxes to you and agree on additonal charges and payment terms. Your current order will be extended as well until the date of collection of the second order. We will pickup all the SmartHOP boxes at once, when you have everything in one place.

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